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A pathetic nazi tyrant asshole with no life who is a shit-eating cyberstalker and mentally ill piece of shit scumbag coward fascist bitch -- the biggest king turd troll of the internet and delusional
worthless waste of oxygen who got upset and threw a Bucklerfit when he got exposed for being a troll. Some of his other nazi minions noobs like ~PLA~Seth threw a Sethsucksfit.

LedTroll and AnyderTroll are the Hitlers of FakeSpy NaziLamers. They have a cult of nazis like GisTroll, IncogniTroll, and many more banned disgraceful hostilities.

Visit www.SWBFModders.com and http://info.SWBFSpy.org for proof of their delusions and psychotic mental illnesses. They're all banned from SWBFSpy.


A scumbag nazi coward traitor bitch who tried to plagiarize Phobos' creations like a jealous poser troll and subsequently got banned from [FC] and SWBFSpy.


A weak piece of shit loser with no life who got jealous of Phobos and tried to discredit his creations. Another traitor who got banned from [FC] and SWBFSpy.


A nobody loser scumbag nazi piece of shit nolife poser with severe mental illness, who is also inbred and deformed, his head looks like an eggplant, he is a jealous failure bitch.


A failed jealous poser bitch nazi troll coward with no life who fails at hijacking Phobos' mods, just like Red04NaziTroll.


An obese failed faggot, moronic delusional psychotic troll with no life who spams BS about Phobos due to extreme jealousy and mental issues.


A pathetic scumbag nolife cowardly waste of oxygen and worthless piece of shit neckbeard loser and butthurt nazi who has extreme mental disorders and is abnormally jealous of Phobos walking dead mods. A failed poser bitch who hates mods he can't build.

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